RM Talk - June 15th, 2022 - 7:50 am
Where's My Money? Inflation and The Future of Your Lives.
We’re facing seriously perilous times. For those that lived through the Jimmy Carter Era this all seems like a terrible case of Deja Vu, but behold, it gets worse.

In the Carter era we were only a few years separated from the gold standard and had something of a measuring stick to realize how bad things really were.

These days, the Fed and the market overall is higher than ever and deep into a bender.

For anyone paying attention to the way things are going today, it may seem like a fever dream of times past.

Stagflation, rate hikes, and shiny ideas of economic transformation that all leaders affect to distract from reality.

We have had the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen over the past few years with government lockdowns and restrictions.

The point of this article is to draw your focus to the fact that we have been here before.

We have seen these ideas play out and know historically, grand ideas of transformation often lead to destruction of the common man.

We must learn from the mistakes of the past and stop the bleeding.

Volcker raised rates to astronomical levels in the late 70's to triage the stagflation the humble peanut farmer Jimmy Carter happened to inherit after Nixon took the USD off the gold standard a half administration before. Allowing the fed to go nuts with our currency.

We are at the absolute precipice of FUBAR and we don’t even have a farmer with his peanuts in the right place like Jimmy.

The only thing we can do is pray that something in our government shakes out the right way and stops these fools before we all end up working the silicon mines in Taiwan after China punks us.

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