RM Talk - October 14th, 2022 - 9:48 pm
Food Scarcity and the Zombies That Follow
The consolidation of the food supply is not a good thing. In fact, it’s a sign that we have (artificially) moved from an abundance system to a "what have you done for me lately" system.

Kroger to Buy Albertsons in $24.6 Billion Deal That Would Create New Grocery Giant

Something as important as the food supply should never get close to a single point of failure.
Between all the processing plants burning down or blowing up all of the sudden for some reason, and supply chain issues due to fuel and labor shortages.

It just takes one catastrophic disaster to bring it all down.

In this unfortunate world...

people all around you will start to get hungry.

When people get hungry, people get desperate, and violent.

It generally takes 3 days of lost meals before food riots start. This has been happening throughout the world already. (See Sri Lanka)
It’s a good bet that most of the people around you haven’t thought much about what would happen if it was actually hard to find food.

It’s not good.

The average suburban grocery store has a 3 day supply of food for the allotted 3 mile community, based on regular sales.

This is based on a standard supply and demand model assuming a steady resupply.

That's all out the window when the power goes out, or the fuel supply is cut.

If you aren't already prepared with food for at least a month, you're not going to make it.

What this means is that if it hits the fan for real, it will already be too late to go to store and stock up on food and supplies.

If something really bad happened and you didn’t have food and supplies (water) for at least a week or two, you would not make it.

In a terrible situation like a nuclear bomb, we’re pretty much all screwed.

There are no shelters anywhere and you don't really want to live in Mad Max Land anyway.

If you do, then the name of the game is finding drinkable water. Did you know that the majority of fresh water in the region comes from the great lakes. In a situation where that gets contaminated in any way it becomes unusable.

Part of a nuclear air burst is an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse), this will destroy most electrical devices for miles in all directions even outside of the actual blast area. Your car won't start, the phones and radios won't work, and the power will be out for months or years.

Do you know how to collect and treat water?

Do you know how to stay warm in the winter with no power?

Do you know how to defend yourself?

You should learn.

While you have a chance you should do everything you can to learn about what it takes if the power goes out.

You won't be able to google how to articles. It's a good idea to print out some important info now to keep with your emergency supplies.

We’re stumbling into WWIII and it doesn't look good going forward.

Don’t want to be so dark, but realistically if the power goes out and people get hungry…

Have you ever seen “The Walking Dead”?

Do whatever you can now to prevent war.

Be wary of anyone cheering on war, they either have a comfortable bunker ready, or they're a useful idiot.

Call your senators, call your representatives, and if they won't listen. Vote them OUT.

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