RM Talk - November 25th, 2022 - 5:55 am
Don't Read This Forbidden Article.

There's a good chance that the things we talk about here will upset you.

Just because you followed the rules, doesn't make them right.

In fact. The rules of the past 3 years have widely been proven wrong.

Did you ever wipe your groceries down, or get mad when someone got closer than the prescribed six feet you were told would make you safe?

Did you ever get upset because you were worried about catching a disease that would make you or your loved ones sick?

When you felt like you might be sick over the last couple years, did you take a test that came back positive or negative?

Did you know that the FDA revoked the use of the main testing standard used to authorize the emergency in the United States, because it was proven to be ineffective?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Revokes Emergency Use Authorization for Chembio Antibody Test

FDA revokes authorization of COVID-19 test given to hundreds of thousands in L.A.

Did you know that almost everything that you read, watched or heard in the media was paid in part by the companies that developed the shots and pills that were supposed to make you immune, or less susceptible to serious illness?

Did you get sick anyway, and get better?

It’s difficult to admit it,
I understand.

We were lied to.

We were told everyday, in every outlet, that the shot was the answer.

We were propagandized.

The words you are reading now are also propaganda.

How do you decide what to believe?

Look into this deeply for yourself.

The ones who tell you not to question, research, or think, are invariably the ones deceiving you.

When someone is asking you to do something, and telling you to not ask why, you will find a liar.

Liars often make things seem like there's no other way to think. They'll tell you that you're crazy for thinking otherwise....

There is a term for this... "Gaslighting".

You lived your whole life knowing these things.


Cui bono?

In sickness or in health.

Don't forget common sense.

Think for yourself. Be wise. Be strong. Be Free. My Friends.

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