RM Talk - June 16th, 2022 - 1:29 am
Try Linux - It's better in every way except.....
I'm a web developer and it was hard for me to make the switch because there were some applications that just wouldn't work (Adobe Apps).

Most people just need their computer to work.

These days almost everything you do is run inside your browser. ie. (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari)

It is possible now with the recent Nvidia open driver announcement to not only make your computer run faster, but more reliably.

Linux is a Unix based operating system ie.(MacOs) that is "Open Source". Open source operating systems have publicly available source code, unlike the walled gardens of corporate software companies like Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Meta, etc.

Linux uses elements of all of the major software providers but allows you to see how things work under the hood.

Here's a Video about open source software: HERE

Here's a Video about the history of Linux: HERE

The ability to customize your experience is amazing, the sky is the limit.

Learn more about linux distros, it will change the way you see technology.

My prefered - user friendly "distro" is PopOS by System 76 - Learn More

It's a great way to move from windows or mac.

Here's a list of the best Linux Distros of 2022

Best of Linux 2022

Here's the catch...

For advanced users that use creative software like Photoshop or Premeire, the compatability issues make it harder to transition.

Or L33t gamers, you will have a harder time using linux as a daily driver.

You can always run a virtual machine with windows or set up a dual boot system....

If you are interested in this, and would like to make the switch.

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