RM Talk - August 4th, 2022 - 5:54 am
The internet should be a free place for free expression.
If we have governments, corporations, and NGO's policing speech.. We have nothing but propaganda.

We used to have a free landscape of possibility worldwide on the internet. We could connect with people and ideas around the globe. We used to loathe the idea of censorship and protect free expression.

Now we have devices and networks that limit and fact check our thoughts in real time against the approved talking points and messaging.

We are at a crossroads, we can either submit to a panopticon of surveillance as the Chinese do, or we can stand up and use our great technological progress to better the ability of free men and women to express themselves.

We MUST bring freedom of speech and the flow of information back to the fore. If we lose the ability to freely communicate, we lose what makes us great as a western civilization.

Damn the Torpedoes!


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