RM Talk - June 17th, 2022 - 4:01 am
Echoes of The Economy - The Loss
This is a list of reasons people around the area decided not to go back to work.

The people that we asked might be saying hello to you in a restaurant, shop, or office.

We found business owners that are currently closing, employees that decided to stay home, and people that couldn't go back to work to stay home for family.

I found that almost everyone that commented was deeply discouraged by the way things are going.

Everyone hoped that things would change.

Here are a few things people around the area said in response to the question...

"Why aren't you back to work"

If I go back full time, I’ll lose my unemployment benefits.

They want me to do things I refuse to do.

I'm just not comfortable going back into the office.

I can’t travel anymore because of restrictions.

They made me close my business, now my employees won’t come back to work.

The cost of product is too much to make a profit.

The economy has changed too much, I can’t compete anymore.

My lease is too much to cover now that things have slowed down. It's just not worth it.

I cant keep up with food prices.

The people just aren't willing to pay the prices anymore.

I cant support my family anymore, so I took a job somewhere else.

Lockdowns destroyed countless businesses and families.

Never Again.

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