RM Talk - February 17th, 2021 - 6:07 pm
Annie’s Resale for the World - The Natoot Farm Project
Our Kenya Partners Dotun and Ami Modupe invited us into a very special project last year…

Three years ago, they started working with this very special group of people in an area known as Turkana County in northwest Kenya, on the border of Kenya and South Sudan. There was a large refugee camp in this area where people from Kenya and surrounding areas had struggled to carve out a living and create a home. However, a severe drought and the lack of food was preventing this from happening. Dotun and Ami first started out by distributing small amounts of food to the people… People who waited in line for hours on end in the hot sun to receive a small container of cooking items.

"The women wear colorful beads that signify things like the number of children they have, marital status, etc. "

The focus then became to provide a sustainable level of food for the people. Dotun and Ami and their team enrolled all those interested in an 18 month training program to build a large farm. With the construction of a bore hole and pump for water, sheds to protect the seeds and equipment and solar panels as energy to pump the water, the Turkana County farm project was created.

"Our Kenya Partner Dotun distributing food to the people of Turkana County before the farm project was established. Dotun told us that it was so hot on that day the bottoms of his sneakers were melting in the heat…"

The results, as you can see from the extensive rows of crops and the smiles on the people’s faces, is nothing short of a miracle …This farm was developed on land that had formerly been arid, dry and barren, Today, this farm is producing huge cabbage plants, sugar beets, tomatoes, peppers, and sweet, tasty watermelon! The farm, which covers over four acres of land, is now feeding 79 families and over 400 people! Not only that, but the farmers are developing ways to sell their products in local markets and other venues to create even more income.

"This photo shows the excitement the people had when they received their first farm tools."

These lives have been changed for the better in so many ways. The community is now earning income that allows them to provide for their families and send their kids to school. They have viable, consistent work that grants them dignity and financial reward. They have a new sense of purpose and accomplishment. We feel so honored and privileged that Dotun and Ami invited us to join them in this incredible work. It has been amazing to watch what has taken place, one incredible step after the next.

We now have a second goal of raising between $5,000 and $10,000 for additional land purchase, seeds, irrigation and energy equipment, staff and facilities.

Will you consider joining us in Stage Two of this very exciting project? A gift of any size will be greatly appreciated.

We will send 100% of your gifts toward this project, to ensure that the faithful people of Turkana County will benefit from all of their hard work and dedication to this project.

You can donate via our website:


You can come into our resale shop at 2120 Plum Grove Road in Rolling Meadows to donate.

Or, you can mail a check to our shop any time.

Thank you for considering the needs and the lives of people around the world whom you have never met. We appreciate your partnership with Annie’s Resale for the World and with Dotun and Ami in bringing this project to the next beautiful level.

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